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Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Packaged Units

At Q&A HVAC, we make it our business to not only achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature in your commercial space, but to also ensure peak energy efficiency, reliability, and system longevity.  Specializing in commercial packaged units, we combine essential heating and cooling components into a single cabinet, saving space, avoiding damage from debris or vandalism, and providing easy access for any necessary maintenance.  With the right equipment, perfectly designed to suit your specific requirements, a packaged unit easily achieves ideal consistent temperature throughout even very large spaces.

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The fully licensed and extensively trained professionals from Q&A HVAC are dedicated to expert commercial HVAC system analysis, design, installation, and repair.  We offer cost-effective maintenance plans to increase system life and minimize the potential for malfunction.  Contact us at 626.598.1547 for further information, flexible scheduling, and a solution tailored to optimize the productivity, safety, and bottom line of your facility.

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